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Mary Kay Haines

My name is Mary Kay Haines and I am founder and owner of Natural Wellness Solutions LLC. I began my career as a Registered Dental Hygienist educating patients about oral health and overall wellness.  

This training allowed me to focus on disease prevention and started my journey to becoming a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and Functional Medicine Health Coach.  My focus is to help you achieve better health and wellness by utilizing functional medicine testing, goal setting and lifestyle coaching.

Do you wonder why it takes 3 cups of coffee to get going in the morning?

Are you tired of trial and error, and never getting the expected results?


If you are having issues with digestion, fatigue, weight loss, detoxification and finding your purpose in life, you have come to the right practitioner. You don’t have to live with a diagnosis, symptoms, repeat complaints and pharmaceutical drugs just to get by.

I will focus on putting back what is missing and take out what is harming your body, helping you achieve optimal wellness. 

Come join me on this journey! You will learn the best diet, sleep, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation recommendations YOUR body needs.  

You can achieve increased vitality, greater longevity and a higher quality of life!  Nothing would give me more joy than to share what I’ve learned and help you succeed!

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Take the First Step

The first step begins with your free discovery session where we discuss your personal diet, rest, exercise and stressors as well as your current environment and exposure to toxic elements. The information I learn about you will help us identify a treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

The Functional Medicine Approach

Validation and Trust

A functional medicine mind-body approach to healthcare is a good option if you are frustrated with suppressing symptoms and being told that everything is “normal” despite chronic health issues.

Custom Protocols

Functional Medicine embraces and honors individuality. Healing protocols are custom tailored for each client’s unique biochemistry, current needs, and life situation.

Specialty Lab Testing

Functional lab testing may include blood, saliva, urine, hair or stool. I partner with a trusted and reputable lab that guarantees accurate testing. I will interpret the results and offer lab-guided natural protocols that will address the problem, build health and ultimately end the cycle of trial and error.

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Natural Wellness Solutions, LLC

Healing your body, mind, and spirit is totally possible and I’m happy to have you here. My name is Mary Kay Haines and it’s time to sit down and tell me your story! Together, we will uncover the hidden stressors that are causing imbalances.  I am delighted to be your guide on this wonderful  journey to optimal health!

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